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From the idea to series production

We develop electronic assemblies on your behalf and take them from the idea to the prototype to series production. Your requirements are our driving force: With wellfounded experience, comprehensive technical knowledge and powerful tools, our engineers develop optimally tailored hardware and software solutions. We solve complex tasks with simple means.

Fast processes for long-term success

Development, production and testing work closely together at Brückmann Elektronik. This provides you with short paths from the idea to series production. In addition, you ensure the further development and maintenance of your product over the entire product life cycle.

Full service around your project

We are also happy to take over the complete project management for you.
Furthermore, in addition to technical high-end solutions, our development department
offers you professional services, for example:
• the support in case of component discontinuations
• redesign and optimization of existing technologies and assemblies
• certification with authorized partners (EMC, environmental behavior)
• the use of various measurement techniques

Redesign – return to even higher performance

If printed circuit boards are no longer able to cope with current technical
developments, a redesign is the obvious solution. The same applies to boards or
assemblies that can no longer be produced due to discontinued components.
Brückmann Elektronik revises your existing technologies and assemblies, adapts
them to the requirements of new standards and regulations – and is happy to develop
them further for you.
Our services include
• technical further development and expansion
• Improvement of manufacturing processes (cost optimization)
• Support with component discontinuations

Sophisticated designs, perfect function

Brückmann Elektronik develops for you
• analog and digital circuits
• circuit diagrams
• production-optimized printed circuit board designs (Design for Manufacturing)
• embedded systems
• application software
• Designs and GUI (Graphical User Interfaces)
• Test concepts

In addition, we offer hardware-related programming under Linux and Windows as well as Android and app programming. To ensure that all components and assemblies can be tested easily and smoothly later on, we take testability into account right from the start of development (Design for Testability).

Detailed engineering

Our experts develop intelligent PCB designs for you that meet the highest standards of functionality and quality. Designs in which everything from the first footprint to the last conductor track is well thought out, coordinated and production-optimized.

Design meets experience

How do you fit all the components on a PCB in such a way that the PCB can be assembled without errors, is easy to test, and functions trouble-free?
Know-how and experience are indispensable, especially when designing complex PCBs.

FPGA Design – Maximum Variety and Flexibility for Your Circuits

What is an FPGA?

An FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) consists of a large number of programmable logic devices. By creating an application-specific design configuration, any digital circuit can be implemented at the hardware level. Thus, the FPGA can realize a wide variety of functions, from simple logic circuits to mutli-processor systems with special interfaces. Performance and processing speed are maximized by hardware design tailored to your applications. In addition, special requirements can be covered for which the development of an applicationspecific integrated circuit (ASIC) would otherwise be necessary

Your benefits

  • Maximum flexibility in implementing your requirements
  • High performance through massively parallel data processing
  • High transfer rate due to high-speed transceivers in many FPGAs
  • Possibility of reconfiguration and subsequent extension of the FPGA design

Our offer
Whether simple or complex circuits – what a standard IC cannot cover, our development team realizes for you application-specific by means of FPGA technology. We support FPGAs from various manufacturers such as Xilinx, Intel and Lattice.