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How it started

It was in the mid-1970s that Herbert Brückmann began assembling circuit boards in his home tinkering room every evening. His employer, a US automotive supplier based in Giessen, had just outsourced production. The contracting company failed, Herbert Brückmann jumped into the breach – and he stayed.

In action with heart and soul

Just one year later, Brückmann’s electronics production took over the entire two-story residential building on Friedrichstraße in Lahnau-Waldgirmes. They wired and soldered – initially for Brückmann’s employer, but soon also for customers from the measurement technology and optics industries. Herbert Brückmann alone, then his wife Irmtraud, numerous relatives, a simple soldering machine. When he converted his part-time business into a limited liability company in 1986, Herbert Brückmann already had 30 employees.

Flexible by conviction

With inventiveness, reliability and above all the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements, Brückmann Elektronik quickly made a name for
itself. New customers made new demands – Brückmann acted: The company relocated to the Waldgirmes industrial park in 1991, investing at the same time in both a modern soldering system and an innovative SMD placement machine. It set a decisive milestone to years of sustainable growth.

Built on values, looking to the future

Since 2005, Brückmann Elektronik has been managed by Herbert Brückmann’s sons Hans-Martin and Oliver Brückmann. The company offers with the companies BE Gerätebau GmbHBrückmann Hard- und Software GmbH and BE Kabel- und Schlauchpaketfertigung GmbH. The company offers more than 200 employees a
secure workplace. It is located in modern, high-end production in Lahnau-Dorlar and is equipped with the latest generation of technical equipment of the latest generation.

Der einstige „Bestücker“ ist herangewachsen zu einem innovativen Premiumpartner für die Entwicklung und Produktion hochqualitativer Elektroniklösungen und Electronic Manufacturing Services. Seine integre Persönlichkeit aber, seine Kundennähe und Beweglichkeit hat sich das Familienunternehmen seit jeher bewahrt.

1976 Business registration

Business registration Herbert Brückmann registers a business on 01.06.1976

Gewerbeanmeldung Herbert Brückmann

1987 Foundation

Foundation of Brückmann Elektronik GmbH on 01.01.1987

Gründung der Brückmann Elektronik GmbH

1991 Move

Move to a new company building in the Waldgirmeser Gewerbestraße; entry into SMD production

Umzug in ein neues Firmengebäude

1993 Hans-Martin Brückmann

Hans-Martin Brückmann joins his parents' company

1997 Oliver Brückmann & Extension

Oliver Brückmann joins the company and expansion of the company building in Gewerbestraße

1999 Foundation

Foundation of Brückmann Hard- und Software GmbH

Gründung der Brückmann Hard- und Software GmbH

2005 Hans-Martin und Oliver Brückmann

Hans-Martin and Oliver Brückmann take over the management of Brückmann Elektronik GmbH

2006 Groundbreaking

Groundbreaking ceremony for the new building in Lahnau-Dorlar

Spatentstich für den Neubau in Lahnau-Dorlar

2007 Move

Relocation of the company to the new building Beim Eberacker 16

2012 SMD

SMD introduction of the state of the art SMD production line

2013 Foundation

Foundation of BE Gerätebau Waldgirmes GmbH on 28.01.2013

Gründung der BE Gerätebau Waldgirmes GmbH

2018 Foundation

Foundation of BE Kabel- & Schlauchpaketfertigung GmbH on 10.07.2018

Gründung der BE Kabel- & Schlauchpaketfertigung GmbH

2018 New machine

Acquisition of a new machine for automatic optical inspection (AOI)

2019 ERSA Powerflow Wave Soldering Machine

Acquisition of the ERSA-Powerflow wave soldering system

2020 Environmental certificate

Environmental certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 for the first time

2020 New production machine

Brückmann Elektronik provides support during the Corona crisis. Acquisition of a new production machine for the manufacture of electronics for respirators.

2021 Expansion

Expansion by leasing an office building in Gießen as a sales and purchasing location

2022 Fully automatic production line

Acquisition of a further fully automated production line