from measurement technology to medical technology

Our customers include medium-sized companies, large firms and global players from a range of different sectors.

Measurement technology

Measurement technology companies assign us with producing components for industrial PCs, control technology, sensors and multi-axis controls.

Controls & processes

Circuit boards from Brückmann Elektronik can be found in
position control and process units, in motion control systems, power output stages and balancing technology.


With co-operation partners and as contract manufacturer we develop
controls for microscopes, main boards and peripheral devices for use in the
optical industry.


We produce mainboards and interior displays for the aerospace industry.


Brückmann Elektronik also has a presence in Formula 1: we supply the automotive sector with racing sensors and interface components. In addition, we develop and produce power supply units, control boards, robot controls, vehicle diagnostics and sensors, dynamics measurement equipment, operator terminals and mainboards for camera systems in the commercial vehicle sector.

Audio & high-end

International market leaders in the high-end segment utilise amplifier and output circuit boards from Brückmann.

Safety & monitoring

Our range of services extends from safety controllers to tank monitoring systems and sensors for heavy industry.

High-frequency technology

Brückmann Elektronik develops and produces transmitter and receiver components in the L band, frequency converters and HF signal- transmitters for high-frequency technology use.

Medical technology

Medical technology companies assign us with the manufacture of control technology for the climatisation of reagents as well as sensors for biological force measurement.