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Testing technology
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Benefit from
top performance

Brückmann Elektronik not only plans, assembles and mounts: We also supply you with electronic components and devices that have been checked thoroughly and are ready for use. This means you can benefit from one-stop, top performance.

The entire range
of testing equipment
according to your specifications

We conduct a range of test procedures, depending on product and area of use:
  • In-circuit tests with test adapter on board testers or without adapters on flying probe systems
  • Functional tests according to your specifications - with test devices provided or specially-designed in-house testers.
  • High-voltage tests, measurement of insulation resistance and leakage current
  • Wiring or connection tests of cable harnesses and backplanes

Test concepts,
tailored realisation

As an accompaniment to tests and checks we offer you test concepts and equipment tailored specifically to your devices, including software. We programme components and processors with various programmes, such as your firmware.