Layout & design


Design meets experience

How do you assemble all components on a circuit board in a way that allows the PCB to be assembled, easily tested and deliver error-free function?

Know-how and experience are especially important in the design of complex circuit boards.

Detailed engineering

Our specialists develop intelligent circuit board designs for you that satisfy the highest requirements of functionality and quality. Designs in which everything is well thought-out from the first footprint to the last conductor path, before being tailored and optimised for manufacturing.

Redesign – returning
even more performance

If circuit boards no longer satisfy the latest technological developments, redesign is an option. The same applies for circuit boards or component groups that are no longer produced due to discontinued parts.

Brückmann Elektronik reworks your existing technology and components, adapts them to the requirements of new standards and regulations - and is happy to develop them further on your behalf.

Our services include:
  • Technical further development and expansion
  • Improvement of manufacturing processes (cost optimisation)
  • Support with component discontinuation