Basic principles

From idea to readiness for series production

Acting on your behalf, we develop electronic component groups from idea to prototype and on to readiness for series production. Your requirements are our impetus: With in-depth experience, comprehensive technical knowledge and high-performance tools, our engineers develop optimally-tailored hardware and software solutions.
We tackle complex tasks with simple solutions.

Well thought-out designs,
perfect function

Brückmann Elektronik can develop your:
  • Analogue and digital switching
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Circuit boards optimised for production (design for manufacturing)
  • Embedded systems
  • Application software
  • Designs and GUI (graphical user interfaces)
  • Test concepts

In addition, we also offer you hardware-related programming via Linux and Windows as well as Android and app programming..
This means that all parts and component groups can later be tested simply and easily, with testability accounted for from the beginning of development onwards
(design for testability).

Rapid processes
for long-term success

Development, production and testing operations work together closely at Brückmann Elektronik. This makes the distance from idea to series production a short one. In addition, you can also secure the further development and maintenance of your product throughout the entire product life cycle.

Full service
for all aspects of your project

We are happy to take on the complete project management process for you.
In addition, alongside technical high-end solutions our development department also offers professional services, such as:

  • Support with component discontinuation
  • Redesign and optimisation of existing technology and component groups
  • Certification with authorised partners (EMV, environmental performance)
  • Use of various forms of measurement technology