Qualität & environment

Tradition meets innovation - for over 40 years

As a medium-sized, family-run company, we not only have a commitment to our own standards of performance, but also to society as a whole. We place the highest requirements on both our quality management and our environmental and safety standards.

Checked for safety

The risk potential of our production facilities is checked at regular intervals and we maintain safety equipment and organisational requirements up to the latest standard at all times.

Energy efficient and
resource saving

We aim to reduce environmental impact to a minimum. As a consequence, Brückmann Elektronik strives to save resources at a level beyond that legally required. Our production building is therefore equipped with energy-efficient equipment. It is air-conditioned and heated with gas heat pump technology. A photovoltaic unit on the extensive roof surface feeds environmentally-friendly electricity into the grid. We use waste heat from our plant to heat rooms, whilst rainwater is used as process water. With the certification of our environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 we have committed ourselves to further goals such as the reduction of CO² emissions, the increased use of shuttle packaging or the reduction of our paper consumption.

Guaranteed quality

Our utmost corporate goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring quality, delivery reliability, innovation and teamspirit.
To meet these demands consistently we co-ordinate the planning, monitoring and adaptation of our quality goals with professional quality management, with this audited externally at regular intervals according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

The scope of both certificates covers Brückmann Elektronik GmbH and our affiliated companies BE Gerätebau GmbH and BE Kabel- und Schlauchpaketfertigung GmbH. It covers the development and design of electrical assemblies, SMD and conventional circuit board assembly, assembly of control cabinets and electrical devices, assembly of cables, cable harnesses and hose packages including testing, sales and service.