Mission statement

Social obligation
Basic principles

The key guiding principle

for Brückmann Elektronik is the clear demands it places on itself:

We aim to be the most innovative premium partner
for electronics in the country.

We work continuously to achieve this - and deliver it for our customers, employee and society.


Essentially, this means we are on hand to support you as a reliable system supplier,
contract manufacturer and expert partner. With high-quality, intelligent development services and results-oriented project management we transform ideas into series-ready products – and get things moving along steadily.

Encourage and be encouraged

Our employees are our guarantees for this high performance. They are Brückmann Elektronik.
Highly qualified, motivated and with integrity. We place a correspondingly high value on their professional and personal development, with their participation in training measures and decision-making processes. The innovativeness of our employees, their personal commitment and entrepreneurial thinking form fundamental pillars of our success.

Part of the bigger picture

As a medium-sized company, we also owe an obligation to society. High environmental, ethical and safety standards are standard for us and represent particular demands regarding resource-saving, sustainable business operations.

Valuable basis

All of these facets of our mission statement are based on values that have characterised Brückmann Elektronik since the company was founded. These include

respect for our partners and employees, honesty, reliability, trust, appreciation
and open, intensive communication.